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How We Help Your Business

Dedicated VAs

Dedicated VAs give you the specialized support you need to grow your business with less effort and more output.

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Projects on Demand allows you to get the projects you need completed by leveraging a full team of Virtual Assistants with a wide range of skill sets.

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Live Answering

Live Answering will make sure you never miss a lead and stop losing money due to missed opportunities.

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This service delivers copy and content that is ready for you to touch it with your magic and put it to work. Unlimited content created quickly, so you're never without.

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Website Builds

We build websites in Wordpress, HighLevel and Webflow.
These are fully custom site designs and development from a team that delivers. Get started now!

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Custom List Building

Your custom lead list building campaign will get you ready for email outreach, phone prospecting and ultimately, acquiring more paying clients in your business.

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Paid Ads

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Scale your service offerings and your profit margins by having your own Paid Ads team run ads for your business and your client's.

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This service is coming very soon. If you're interested in our bookkeeping service, please use the SMS widget to the right and send us a message. We will put you on the list for Beta pricing.

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Live Lead Nurture

Real-Time Lead Nurture

Live Support

Monthly Reporting

Flat Rate Pricing

Response To Every Lead

Live Human Conversations

Book More Appointments

8am - 8pm Service

NO Setup Fee (Reg. $250)

Super Easy Onboarding


Starter 25: $129/mo

(per location)

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Dedicated VA

Full-Time or Part-Time

Dedicated Virtual Assistant

Daily Reporting

Payroll Management

Tax Deductible Services

HR Compliance

Internal Support

Covered Sick Leave & Vacation

Ability To Interview Candidate

Super Easy Onboarding


Part-Time: $950/mo

(90-day term, then month-to-month)

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Dedicated Project Manager

Weekly Reporting

No Payroll To Manage

Tax Deductible Services

HR Compliance

Internal Support

Covered Sick Leave & Vacation

Streamlined Task Assignment

Updates & Comms in Asana

Super Easy Onboarding

40 Hours:

25 Hours: $397/mo


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Why Should You Use Us?

Our superpower in this industry is the ability to find and most importantly retain highly skilled, specialized and quality VAs for our clients like you. Plus, we manage all of the following:


We recruit Virtual Assistants based on your needs. We search within our own database of available VAs as well as recruit directly to ensure we have the right fit for your needs.


We vet the VAs for you based on the following criteria: internet speed (must hit our minimum requirements), power, backup power, backup computer access, identity, work history, skills, personality, and more.

Skillset Verification

We ensure the virtual assistants we hire, can do what they say they can and that they do it well. We test and retest their skill levels.


While we are recruiting and hiring for specialized skillsets, it's important we have a process that works well, we train the VA first and even have a mentor guide them as they begin their role working with you.


No need for you to be concern yourself with payroll, health insurance, international transfers, direct deposit, etc. We manage all payroll for the VAs we provide for you.


With our internal processes and VA management, we track all VA work hours including start times, break times and end of shifts. Using Time Doctor 2, we also monitor screenshots for productivity verification.


With each VA we review daily reporting to ensure a clear understanding of their workload, their production output and to keep a general understanding of their performance.


Just as with any employee, we want to ensure your VA is progressing and getting better each day. We do regular progress report interviews and check-ins to evaluate ongoing performance.

Enhanced Dual

Support for both you as a client if you have questions or needs to discuss and we support your VA with our own internal Subject Matter Expert team. If they have questions, we do our best be the resource for the answers.

Working With The Best Business Owners

Frequently Asked Question

How many VA's can I hire at one time?

You can have as many VA's as you need. Even though we would love to have you hire as many as possible, we are really efficient with helping clients find the right solution to keep their results high and their overhead low.

What is their specialized training like?

For the VA's trained in a specific skill, we start by recruiting only those who already have experience first. Then we use our own internal process and training strategies to give them an edge. We don't have VA's doing work that we don't already do internally, which improves results and quality as it's our own proprietary processes they are learning that have been proven in many industries.

How does billing and paying my VA work?

Level9Virtual will provide you with the right Virtual Assistant for your needs and we will full manage their payroll. You will pay our company your flat rate monthly and we handle the rest.

How do I get support if I need help?

You will have a point person who oversees your VA and she/he will be able to help you with questions or concerns via email and/or zoom calls.

Are there any long term contracts for services?

No, we do not lock you into long term contracts. All we require is you give your VA an honest opportunity to work hard for you, just as you would a local hire. We ask for a minimum of 90 days and then it's month-to-month thereafter.