What began as a way to create more leverage in my business became a movement involving so much more than just myself and my own aspirations. People became the driver of all that I was working to accomplish.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is incredible in itself, that is without a doubt. The benefits to your business and your personal life are unimaginable. Your business can operate without you. Your time can be given to those who need it, your family and yourself. Cost leverage is a major benefit to the strategies around outsourcing, but it goes so much further than that.

While we look for ways to create more freedom and more profitability in our businesses, those very activities create an entire life for your Virtual Assistant. Providing steady, meaningful and valued employment for a single VA has a trickle-effect that is often unseen, yet massive.

In the Philippines and Latin America, where most of the Level 9 Virtual team lives, it is a way of life for families to support one another whether it be immediate family or distant extended. We have VAs in our company who use their job to support 2, 3, even 4 separate households of family members.

Imagine, the investment you make in your business will have high impact and you'll be providing the income necessary for multiple families to be fed, clothed and sheltered. By doing something great for your own business, you're doing something great for so much more.

In 2020, our team learned of a VA who was working with one of our clients. She received a bonus from her client equal to a month's pay (year-end 13th month bonus is customary), she shared a photo with her client that moved everyone.

Not only does this VA provide for three households all on her own, she also provides by donating time and financial resources to children in need in the Philippines. Her photo was of the children at a school she helped with her year-end bonus and a note explaining the level of impact the client's generosity created.

This is just one of thousands of examples we have in our community of Virtual Assistants. We are seeking to create more of this impact in the world. It all begins with an investment into our own businesses and as we receive the benefits, the financial impact creates waves that go far beyond our visibility.

It's my mission to help small businesses thrive using Virtual Assistants because I know what it can create for your own life. And the residual effects are the motivators behind that mission.

I ask you to join us in helping the world, feeding families, helping children in need, all while benefiting your business and your personal freedom.

Come Join The Movement,
Joe Rare